Do you run a medical facility? Have you been thinking about upgrading your medical equipment? Learn how you, your staff, and your patients can benefit from modernizing the medical equipment at your office/facility.

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We specialize in bringing our customers the highest quality new and preowned medical equipment and supplies here at MedSurg Equipment. We supply everything from FDA approved patient monitors, cables, sensors, batteries, and accessories all the way to anti-fatigue mats, blanket warmers, tables, IV poles, diagnostic and exam equipment and much more. In our line of work, we have observed how medical equipment is constantly improving and how this improvement has become integral to the continuum of the ever-refining medical field. In this article we are going to go over a few of the ways that using outmoded medical equipment can potentially impact your patients and staff negatively.

Heavy Equipment

First used for clinical purposes in 1956, various ultrasound machines have been in use in the medical field ever since. This equipment has become an indispensable component in modern healthcare, most notably the branches of obstetrics and gynecology.

Recent updates in ultrasound equipment have made it much easier for sonographers to operate for prolonged periods. The primary way they did this was by making the equipment much lighter and easier to handle. This allows sonographers to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about the aches and pains in their own joints.

There has been a risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) inherent in sonography ever since pregnancy scanning first began, but modern medical equipment manufacturers are developing equipment that effectively helps mitigate this risk.

The effects of heavy, outmoded equipment is not only being felt by sonographers. With the advent of newer production technology and materials, manufacturers are now able to produce many medical devices at a lighter weight and with a more natural feel for the technicians who will be using them. These improvements are now widely available to healthcare professionals.

Unnecessary Invasive Procedures

As most surgeons will tell you, there is some degree of risk in every surgical procedure. Even a simple biopsy has some inherent risk. Newer technologies are making some surgeries, even minor ones, less essential. A great example of this is the MelaFind technology developed by MELA sciences in Irvinton, NY. This newer piece of equipment is able to drastically cut back the need for melanoma biopsies.

The Sapien transcatheter aortic valve is a massive step forward in the field of cardiology. It is a life-saving alternative to open-heart surgery which is often used on patients who can’t endure the rigors of this invasive operation. The Sapien requires only a small incision near the rib cage. This innovation can produce much shorter hospitalizations and could potentially have a large impact on the cost of care for these patients.

Technological advances like these go a long way in reducing risks in the medical field.

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